Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rocky mountains

So here's the deal. I had a industry professional check out my blog and I asked him for his honest feedback. His name, I wont say, but he gave me some goood advise from which one really hit me. Which is, post things 'you' like to do. I have been drawing a lot lately, which is amazing, but animation/rigging is my passion! I absolutely love to animate and rig. I cannot display character setup daily, BUT I can animate short clips and post these up!...So hopefully from now on, i will post animations yay!

character - not sure who it belongs to, but can be downloaded from highend3d.


(p.s this animation short is not fully finished...gotta animate the rest of the clip. sound clip from Dumb and Dumber - greatest comedy of all time)

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Allegro said...

I told you that *ages* ago :-P