Saturday, July 14, 2007

an animation short

Hello everyone
i've been away for some time now. i've been busy with work or some personal assignments and currently i'm working @ march entertainment ( a super nice company up here in sudbury, ontario). anyway, i thought i'd post my link here for my short film, the title isn't final yet but i needed something so ... its
there's tons to come and i'll be putting only my film stuff up there
have a look, enjoy, and i like candy =)


Dancing Girl said...

I really like the guy playing the drums. Especially when he played all three on the one go. wow. I work in Dun Laoghaire and on the Sunday a bunch of the musicians were in. I was chatting away to one of the long trumpet players. They were a lovely bunch. Crazy though, flew in on the Thursday and back out on the Sunday. You catch anything else at the festival?
ps I love your artwork :)

Anonymous said...

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