Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hope you like it. =)

Under the Sea

Once I was happy with the colored thumbnails, I started to to sketch out the thumbnail on bonb paper then cleaned up my drawing.

Finding Colors

Okay so lets find colors... mmmm colors

Okay these were done really fast using various sources.

"Deep Blue"

"Deep Blue" is a documentary directed by Alastair Forthergill and Andy Byatt. I'd come across this dvd sometime last week, and since learned a lot about our 'deep blue' planet. Anyhow I recommend this documentary to anyone and EVERYONE who wants to learn about our planet. Having seen this beautiful film, I was interested in learning more about the 'sea world.' I did a lot of research, after this and I watch Pixar's Finding Nemo and I was in love with the great deep ocean. I was soooo inspired to do something from this movie or make something look like its from the movie that I started sketching some rough thumbnails.